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LA Pride Parade brings many thousands to West Hollywood

Also riding in the parade were some newsmakers including well-known attorney and television judge Gloria Allred rode with her client, transgender Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova, who successfully fought for the right t...

perez_hilton_article Gloria Allred And Jenna Talackova Speak Out Against Miss PA At The L.A. Pride Parade!

Gloria Allred and her transgendered beauty queen client Jenna Talackova took to the streets of West Hollywood on Sunday to speak out against the Miss Pennsylvania controversy at the El Lay Pride Parade. Sheena Monnin resigned f...


Jenna Talackova, transgendered Miss Universe Canada contestant, shines in spotlight

May 18, 2012 Nancy J. White Life Reporter Lean and leggy, Jenna Talackova milks the moment. The moment never dreamed possible by a child fascinated with beauty pageants. The moment that almost didn’t happen when T...


Jenna Talackova Makes History as First Transgender Miss Universe Canada Contestant

First Nation transgender beauty Jenna Talackova is set to compete in Miss Universe Canada on Saturday May 19, having won reinstatement to the pageant after her disqualification in April for being born male. Of Lake Babine Natio...

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